How we promoted the application for businessmen in Singapore

Singapore attracts tourists with fantastic landscapes, and businessmen with a loyal tax policy. The company registration takes one to two working days, and opening of a corporate bank account takes about four weeks. However, these terms are realistic when you have a reliable consultant who is an old hand at the organization of these processes.

The Russian development team has created an innovative OSOME service for foreign businessmen, which helps in matters of company registration and further management of tax and legal affairs in Singapore. OSOME has two unique features: first, it is a mobile application convenient for active businessmen, and secondly, communication there takes place with bots that can process payment documents, transfer them to tax organizations and perform other legal operations.

To find a common language

But, no matter how original the idea is, it is advertising that helps to connect the product with the target audience. OSOME has contacted the MediaNation agency for promotion. We faced the task of increasing the number of mobile application installations with further registration and ordering of the company's services. As a result, in the shortest possible time, we managed to improve the KPI set by the client fourfold and get more than 1000 installations per month, which exceeded the client's expectations so much that we had to reduce the activity of advertising campaigns.

Fig. 1. Google AdWords - Universal campaigns for apps

The first challenge was the geography of promotion: for us, Singapore was Terra Incognita. We have never before promoted in Asia having its own specifics. The second one was a multinational target audience we had to find a common language with. About half of the country's population (42%) is represented by foreigners. As a solution to this problem we used English for advertising messages, which is the main way of communication for non-resident aliens.

Let's get acquainted, OSOME

Nobody has offered such services in Singapore before. And everything new requires preliminary explanations. Therefore, before starting to promote the application, we focused on promoting the site, which introduced the service in detail: described its essence, directions, tariffs, benefits and usage mechanics.

As main channels of promotion, we chose Facebook and Google AdWords because of their relevance in the target area. Additional arguments in favor of AdWords is that it offers a special format for advertising applications - universal campaigns (Universal App Campaigns - UAC), which show an advertising application in all Google advertising spaces, whether it be the search network, the Display Network or YouTube. In addition, universal campaigns for applications are optimized based on self-learning artificial intelligence, which can process millions of users' behavioral signals and, based on them, select the target audience that is most likely to install the application. The argument for Facebook was the product's perk: chat with a bot in the Messenger and the ability to immediately download the application.

Audiences in Facebook were gathered on the basis of the users' behavior, their interests and positions.
  • Businessmen, directors, top management.
  • Startups.
  • Office workers, financial managers, accountants.
  • Start of a new business.

All the audiences showed more or less equal results. The average cost of transition to application stores for January was $ 13.54 for the AppStore and $ 4.44 for PlayMarket. The lower cost for Android can be explained by the fact that mobile devices on this OS occupy about 80% of the Singapore market. Nevertheless, these values fit into KPI, agreed with the client.

In case of AdWords, we created several search campaigns and campaigns on the Display Network with increased rates (50%) for smartphones and tablets, excluding desktop devices - we were interested in the audience that will immediately download the application after studying the site.
We divided the requests into six campaigns:
  • Company registration
  • Offshore companies
  • Accounting
  • Secretarial assistance
  • Legal address registration
  • Assistant for the nominee director

The familiarization campaign - the promotion of the site - lasted 1.5 months and was finished because OSOME decided that the audience is already well acquainted with the service, it's time to exclude the extra link in the chain of the user's travel: advertising - site - app store.

Hello, Chinese New Year

Targeting audiences remained the same, only the place where the user got after clicking the ad.
Here we faced the peculiarities of the Asian market, we didn't take into account. Advertising for Android was launched a little later than for iOS - we were waiting for the developer to complete the new version and upload it to the store. The launch coincided with the Chinese New Year's Eve - February 16 - and its continued celebration until March 2. So, the first results were not the best ones. But soon the situation got better, and the cost of installation on Android averaged $ 7.29, which is lower than on iOS.
Further promotion of the application on Facebook without an extra link in the form of the site produced good results: earlier the transition to the store costed more than $ 13, but then the cost of installation, rather than transition, averaged $ 8.7.

How we taught AI to collect the people we need

We launched the Universal App Campaigns (UAC) with automatic audience search in Google AdWords. Since October 2017 not an account manager, but the AdWords machine learning algorithm decides how, when and to whom the application advertising will be displayed. Since artificial intelligence is guided by the first accomplished conversions, at the initial stage we were extremely careful about the audience involvement. In the promotional materials we emphasized business terms/services: Accounting, Support for Accounting and Tax, Incorporation, Company Registration, and indicated the cost of services to attract those who are 100% our TA.

It took a week to collect the first audience. This is an important period in UAC, when it is better not to change anything in the campaign: no bids, no creatives, no budgets, so that the AI can collect the data for further work. Only then we started to optimize the campaign: to change creatives and budgets, to reduce the rate, so that the CPI was lower.
Universal campaigns on Android brought a large number of application installations and service requests, which sometimes caused the advertisement suspension so that OSOME specialists could process requests qualitatively.
Advertising campaigns for app installations in the stores showed a noticeable price reduction compared to the landing page campaigns. Earlier CPI on the Google Display Network (GDN) was $ 4.4 on Android and $ 13.5 on iOS, but now UAC is $ 2.55 on Android. It was different with iOS . The same method with using AI did not work, and we disabled UAC, focusing all efforts on Facebook to get a conversion on iOS there.

Selection of new audiences

There was a need to expand the audience of the advertising campaign. In Facebook, freelancers were added to the above-mentioned audiences. They were chosen because,in theory, they could soon become interested in registering a legal entity. And we were not mistaken: from the first days of advertising, this audience has become the leader in terms of the number of installations and the cost of the installation.
To freelancers we have added such audiences:
  • Audience interested in business publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, The Economist, etc.
  • Audience receiving or having received MBA
  • Business travelers

The local AC was launched at the addresses of major office and business centers in Singapore. Legal entities often register several legal entities in the offshore areas, which means that our TA can be there.
New audiences performed well for both iOS and Android. They started bringing the installation as early as on the first days of the launch. But the MBA audience for Android performed especially well. Now it number one in the number of installations with a large margin from other audiences and shows the lowest cost of the installation - only $ 3.22 for Android.

Conclusions and recommendations

When social networks provide an opportunity for very accurate TA targeting by various parameters, the marketer only has to carefully describe the portrait of potential customers. We have compartmentalized the interests of our audience in all the spectrums of life: where they go, what they read, what they work as, where they studied, and so on. Data about the daily life of your TA can be the key to achieving a good result.
As for the promotion through Google AdWords, we would recommend using UAC to set high bids and budgets on both iOS and Android. iOS start to drive traffic at the rates of about $ 2, but this depends very muvh on the market segment.
We noticed that the precise geographic location in UAC increases the number of installations. If you can select specific points on the map where your target audience is located and where it uses the Internet, target exactly these coordinates.