"Illustrated" advertising - a new format by Google

Google paid attention to one of consumer behavior features: before buying, the user studies the goods in the Images section. Not to miss this channel in the sales funnel, the platform offered a new advertising format: Shoppable Image ads (Image ads with the purchasing option).

In the Images search, these ads look like large blocks. The goods shown on the image are marked with the name and price. The advertising blocks are marked as "Sponsored" and also contain a white icon in the form of a price tag in the lower left corner. Clicking on it opens a carousel of product ads with items similar to the one shown in the picture.

Consumers are becoming increasingly averse to visual content and are literally buying goods through their eyes. And this new feature is successfully used by ecommerce. Online stores have already learned how to sell through the Instagram, load custom images into flypages and this has a positive effect on transaction rates and sales in general. Now Google enters into the game with the visual content. We already have Google Shopping, making it possible to create ads in the form of a flypage, but the new tool announced in mid-September went even further: with its help, retailers will be able to attach ads to images showing their product (or the one similar to it). To a greater extent, this will be useful for clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture and other areas online stores where the appearance of the product plays an important part.

(Natalia Solodkova, leading Internet marketer of MediaNation)

At the moment, ads of this format are not very frequntly shown, but with time their amount will grow. For now, access to the format was received by a limited number of publishers and advertisers.