Blogger is the engine of commerce. What advertising format you should order from a blogger?

You've decided to engage a blogger or a star to participate in your advertising campaign and have even opted on the particular person. But do you know which is the right ad format to order from the blogger? We have made a detailed instruction on choosing a promotion mechanic, based on your goals and budget.


Native photo post 

Social network: Instagram

One of the most popular and world-old promotion methods among opinion leaders. Nevertheless, it is still used often. Its tremendous advantage over the other formats is the ease of implementation: neither blogger nor the advertiser need much time or effort to do it. However, tracking the efficiency will not be so easy. You will be able to see the coverage, possibly your corporate page will get some new subscribers. But it is quite difficult to assess how all this affected sales.

Mechanics: bloggers publish photos or videos on their feed, where they demonstrate the product / service. The task of such a post is to fit organically into the channel's content. In most cases bloggers write the text and negotiate it with the advertiser. This approach gives the post more chances to be seen as a recommendation, not as a paid advertisement.

Suitable for: in fact, this is a universal option. For new brands it is a chance to introduce the audience to their products, while famous ones can use it to draw the public attention once again. The key point here is the choice of a blogger you want to work with. Such famous brands as, for example, Nike or Adidas, can afford allocating a huge budget for this and agree on cooperation with almost any celebrity. For small companies, the better way would be to find a blogger with a smaller audience working in a narrow field which is though suitable for the company. For example, for a small sportswear show-room, it is beneficial to start cooperating with the city's fitness instructors, or with active new moms keeping themselves in shape.




Social network: Instagram

A bit similar to the previous version, with only one condition: the text must contain a story of the personal experience related to the product or service. They are mentioned at the end of the text and organically fit into the narrative thread. This lets the post look not too advertising and inspire confidence in the brand.

Mechanics: a photo in the blogger's feed with the product or in the place where the service is provided. In the post there is a small background of how this product / service helped to solve the author's problem (became an integral part of their life, style, etc.). The text in such a post should resemble the blogger's style of writing as much as possible (it would be even better to let the blogger write it). And, of course, it is important to know the blogger's interests and preferences. If the blogger told about not liking sweets in the previous posts, but now advertises the confectionery, confidence in such a post will be low.

Suitable for: yet again, this is a fairly universal option, though more effective for advertising services than goods. The description of the problem solved with the help of the service provided by company N, will cause more interest than just the photograph of the blogger with the product in hand. 



Social network: Instagram, YouTube

An effective way to increase sales. As a rule, promocodes allow the blogger's subscribers to have a discount, free shipping, complimentary gift, etc. The main goal is to bring the audience to the advertiser's website and encourage the visitors to buy something. It must be said that many social networks' users already know this mechanism, but thanks to the "goodies" it does not cause skepticism. Promocode is still an effective way to purposefully raise sales and track the efficiency of working with a specific blogger.

Mechanics: for Instagram - a photo post with the product, text and a promocode of the blogger for a discount (or another bonus). When ordering in the online store, the subscriber enters the promocode and receives a bonus.
For YouTube - subscribers go to the advertised site through the link in the description or in the transitional ad, inserted into the video. Such transitions are tracked using redirectors (google, tinyurl, etc.), or utm-tags. When ordering in the online store, the subscriber enters the promocode and receives a bonus.
In both cases, the advertiser can easily track the effectiveness of interaction with the blogger. But there is an important technical point. Though rarely, it happens that there are errors on the website, the promocode cannot be identified, etc. Be sure to double-check everything in order not to get a negative reaction.

Suitable for: web stores or companies producing goods / delivering services that are purchased through the website.

This is an example of one of our works for the Adamas jewelry house. Darya Klyukina, Elena Podkaminskaya, Darya Chebanova, Valeriya Dergileva, and Valentin Petukhov took part in the campaign.

Brand Ambassador

Social network: Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, VK

The ambassador is a person who shares the mission, philosophy, and values ​​of the company being in some way the embodiment of the target audience. Therefore, the search for an ambassador must begin with a study of your existing audience, its interests. And only then you can choose one of the candidates. Not the other way round!

As a rule, it is a rather long type of cooperation: contracts with bloggers and celebrities are made for a year or more. They specify all the details: duties, rights of parties, rules of interaction with the public and the press, participation in brand events, answers to questions in interviews concerning the brand, etc. In addition, this is a rather complex and expensive way of promotion. 

Mechanics: the company makes a contract with the blogger or celebrity for a certain period of time, when they actively introduce the brand, its mission and philosophy to their audience, participate in the brand's official events, photosessions, videos, etc.

Suitable for: only major companies can afford a brand ambassador. Traditionally, this type of promotion works perfectly for cosmetic brands, clothes, cars, as well as those areas where the credit of trust is needed: banks, machinery manufacturers, food brands.

For example, for a long time Carrera's "friend of the house" has been Renata Litvinova, and the choice of such an ambassador is quite natural. Since 2014 this jewelry brand casts the Golden Eagle for the National Academy of Motion Picture Arts of Russia, and a lot of our celebrities come out on the red carpet in Carrera's jewelry. And who else but Renata Litvinova - a scriptwriter, a director and a socialite - can represent this brand in Russia.

Lead generation

Social network: Instagram, YouTube, VK, Facebook

Collaboration with bloggers can help and generate leads. You should offer something useful in return for their subscribers' (and, accordingly, your target audience's, if the choice of the blogger was right) contact information. What are the options? Coupons, e-books, a free / trial lesson, product samplers, training videos, etc. Among the interesting and unifying options for the lead magnet are contests and closed communities.

Mechanics: the blogger tells his subscribers about the opportunity to get a free useful thing, explains why it is important / necessary and leaves a link to the questionnaire. And then the user leaves his contact details for a bonus. Often, they are used to replenish the subscriber base for brand distribution. It allows you to introduce your products / services to the reader and gain their confidence. The duration of your "epistolary" relationship and transaction, as its culmination, will depend on how valuable and interesting your content is.  

Suitable for: an ideal option for small and not very well-known brands, agencies that provide services, and even for promotion a personal brand (if you are, for example, a business coach, a make-up artist or a photographer). Also, the mechanics will be of interest to the event planners, who can use the database of registered guests to develop relations with them in the future. 

Here is an example of registration for the Moscow Entrepreneurship Forum through ad in the Instagram stories. The two leading bloggers (Gusein Gasanov and Amiran Sardarov) announced the event in the stories, and, by swiping up, the user got to the registration form. With the help of this mechanics we generated several thousand leads over the weekend. 

Press breakfast, press tour

Social network: Instagram, Youtube

Private events are now available not only for actors, singers and other stars. A lot of companies hold press breakfasts and press tours specifically for bloggers. Such events are aimed at increasing brand loyalty among bloggers and to "flash" the brand in their posts and videos. Before the tour, bloggers and companies agree on how much information, photos and videos will be published in the feed.

Press breakfast. This is an event, where bloggers are introduced to the novelties of the brand, attend master classes, tests products or services, get acquainted with the company's employees.
Press tour. An organized trip for a group of bloggers. The program depends on the company's activities. For travel bloggers, it can be a visit to several hotels or excursions, for beauty bloggers - a visit to the cosmetics manufacturing facility, master classes with foreign professionals, etc.

Suitable for: companies that have the resources to organize events / trips and are ready for big expenses. This is not the most effective way to increase sales, and contributes rather to the image of the company.

There's an example of the press tour for international bloggers, dedicated to the release of theautumn-winter limited collection by HÖGL. According to Dr. Bachmeier, "bloggers can raise brand and modern trends awareness in a completely unique way and in a very unobtrusive form. That's why we rely on cooperation with these opinion leaders."

  Integration into the blogger's video 

Social network: YouTube

One of the most effective formats, when it comes to video. Pre-rolls and post-rolls are often skipped forward, and full video reviews are perceived as advertising. Integration allows telling about the company unobtrusively , to share information about discounts, interesting offers. To avoid negative reaction, the blogger shall be as close to your subject as possible. In most cases, integrations are less visible and have more credibility if they are in the vlog, that is, in the video where the blogger shares their thoughts and moments from their life.

Mechanics: before the video is shot, the text, the place in the video and other conditions of integration are preliminarily discussed. The blogger makes and uploads the agreed video, where he talks about the company / product / service and encourages his subscribers to get acquainted with them.

Suitable for: practically every product or service can be represented in the form of integration. But the effectiveness of this method will depend on how close your product is to the blogger's audience. Otherwise, there may be a negative reaction, both towards your company and towards the blogger.

Our work for the service. Here, the double integration was used (that is, the brand was mentioned twice). First, the travel blogger Alexander Kondrashov tells about the service of the brand and announces its use. Later he reports the results of the experiment. 

Amiran Sardarov also took part in this campaign.

The first "touch" (during the 6th minute):   

The second "touch" (during the 22nd minute):


Product placement

A type of hidden advertising. The essence of this method is that the products or services that the characters use in movies, TV, music videos, books or on photos have real commercial counterparts.
Mechanics: There are several types of product placement.

  • Visual - when there is a product or brand logo on a video or photo, but it is not mentioned;

  • Verbal - the product is mentioned in the video;

  • Playing - the product (brand) is played out by characters.

Suitable for: product placement is an excellent option for both goods and services. For example, hotels, restaurants, taxi services, fashion brands often flash in the films as product placement. When it comes to real life and interaction with opinion leaders, all three types are easy enough to implement. Verbal and playing types are suitable for vlogs or celebrities' video, and the visual one - for their Instagram pages. 


Some tips for working with bloggers

  • Ask the blogger for statistics screenshots and data on the audience - this is perfectly normal.

  •  Always correlate the audience of the opinion leader and the interests of this audience with your product/service. The laptops and phone repair service is not always appropriate in the feed of an actress, singer or fashion blogger.

  • Create competent terms of reference, this is already half the battle. In most cases, bloggers make advertising posts themselves, so be sure to write down requirements for the image, video, text, timing of placement in the TOR. You can attach a reference, write hashtags, and rules of placement. For example, the third publication made within a week about another "favorite beauty parlor" by the beauty blogger will look unconvincing. So, these points are better to be agreed on beforehand.